Anzy's Art

Anzy’s Art – the original from Hamburg, has a degree in communication design, with a passion for creating and designing. She discovered art for herself at a young age, transforming each paper into a unique work. Anzy represents thread picture art in all colors and shapes, large and small, and a wide variety of styles. She is developing a fusion between analog craftsmanship and the digital world in the form of animation and 3D modeling in the augmented world (augmented reality). But the boundaries are still wide and being pushed every day. Discover the creative, threaded world of Anzy’s Art now!

Artist with heart and soul

Already since 2016, the own brand is under construction. Originally started with card making over jewelry and everything in between, it is after more than 2 years the best hobby what became much more.

Anzy die Nachdenkt und den Apple Pencil in der Hand hällt

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Anzy beim schleifen von Fichtenholzbrett
Anzy's Art beim Nägel ins Brett hämmern
Anzy's Art beim Fadenbild erstellen

Thus Anzy also became Art

Do you know what it’s like? Looking for the perfect gift for family or friends and tired of giving gift cards? I am, or was. I always thought it was uncool to just run to the next best store and buy a shower gel set and give that as a gift. Now let’s be honest, why always shower gel? Well never mind I digress!
So I started to make all the gifts myself, jewelry, acrylic paintings candles and stringart. Basically, the idea of making a business out of it started when I realized how well my art was received by people, so why not give everyone the opportunity to a friend, family or someone known with something unique. And so, in short, it came to my little DIY business.

Meine Vision

I want to give away something unique and beautiful that touches you emotionally, to give pleasure with something that you definitely do not expect. So in 2019 I have found back to the thread pictures after a long break and have found a true hobby for me. Now if you also want to give away pure joy, try a thread picture from my store or request a custom one.

My experiences so far have all been great and the buyers have all been thrilled. So you make not only a single person a joy, but immediately some more.